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Afro-Egypt J Infect  Endem  Dis  2018 September ; 8(3):129

Evaluation of the Efficacy of Adrenaline Injection Versus Argon Plasma Coagulation Either Alone or Combined in Controlling Acute Bleeding Peptic Ulcer

Amr Talaat EL Hawary1 and Emad A Moustafa2

1 Internal Medicine Department, Hepatogastroenterology Division, Zagazig University, Egypt

2 Tropical Medicine Department, Zagazig University, Egypt



Background and study aim: Evaluating the sequale and outcomes of managing acute bleeding peptic ulcer by using either diluted adrenaline injection or argon plasma coagulation alone versus using both modalities.

Materials and Methods: This study was performed over a 1.5-year period from January 2016 to June 2017. Acute bleeding peptic ulcer patients were assigned randomly to either treatment with diluted adrenaline injection (group I), or with an APC application (group II) or treated using both (group III). All groups were compared regarding the rate of initial hemostasis, rate of recurrent bleeding, successful definitive hemostasis,  need for emergency surgery and bleeding-related deaths.

Results: In total, Session [CurrentTestPartID] patients with acute bleeding peptic ulcer were enrolled randomly in three groups; group I included 20 patients who were treated with endoscopic adrenaline injection, group II included 20 patients and were exposed to Argon plasma coagulation in sessions and group III included 20 patients who were subjected to both modalities. Patients were followed up in ICU and received PPI IV infusion, Endoscopy was performed one week after initial hemostasis, a second look endoscopy was performed in patients who showed recurrent bleeding. Results revealed significant (p<0.05) superior efficacy of both modalities when used together (group III) compared with using either alone as regard inducing initial and permanent hemostasis, controlling rebleeding and minimizing hospital admission days.

Conclusion: Using both endoscopic adrenaline injection and argon plasma coagulation as a combined therapy is highly efficacious in managing acute bleeding peptic ulcer than using each alone.