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Afro-Egypt J Infect  Endem  Dis  2017 December ; 7(4):186

Acute Brucellosis: Presentation and complications in Adults                                  Mohammad Ahmed Saraya

Department of Tropical Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University,Egypt .



Background and study aim: Brucellosis is one of the important bacterial zoonotic infectious diseases. The epidemiological zone of this infection includes the Arabian Peninsula. This study was conducted to describe the clinical presentation, laboratory findings and frequency of complications in adult brucellosis patients admitted in the hospital

Patients and Methods: This was a retrospective study conducted at the Infectious Diseases Hospital from May 2015 to May 2017. The patients included in this study were diagnosed as acute brucellosis. Diagnosis of acute brucellosis based on epidemiologic data, clinical manifestations, and laboratory investigations. Patients were treated according to the standard guidelines for the management of brucellosis and its complications.

Results: A total 192 patients were enrolled into the study. The main presenting symptoms were Fever (91.6%), night sweats (85.9%), arthralgia (76%), and low back pain (63.5%). The most common focal involvements observed were hepatic involvement (28.1%), Osteoarticular involvement (22.4%), Hematological involvement (17.1%) and orchiepididymitis involvement (9.4%).

Conclusion: Brucellosis considered an important medical problem. Diagnosis of the disease is not difficult but the diagnosis of its localized forms can occasionally be difficult because of misdiagnosis with other diseases. In humans, Eradication of the disease can be done by the public health education and the control of the disease in animals.